Stone Sculpture

Incredible African Stone Sculptures

You don’t want your home to have the same style or atmosphere as the houses around you. And you shouldn’t have to settle for department store décor or homemade arts and crafts. You need statement pieces that will bring sophistication and creativity to your decorations—and African stone sculpture from accomplishes just that.

We work with Shona sculptors and artisans in Zimbabwe to bring you unique, intriguing, and finely crafted sculptures. We have personal relationships with each of our artists, and we sell their handmade works directly to you to support sustainable living for these talented individuals. Look through the selection below to find the perfect piece for your home.

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We offer a variety of different African stone sculpture styles, from abstract to more traditional. You can also choose from flora, fauna, and human sculptures to create just the right feel in your home’s interior. Or, you can purchase one of the many exceptional works in our inventory to give your décor an even more personal touch.

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Peruse the sculptures in the selection below to find the piece that you can’t live without. If you have any questions about our offerings, call us at 800.684.5429.