Product Care & Information

Stone:  To care for your stone sculpture, make sure it is free of scratches by sanding it with waterproof sandpaper, 400 grit or finer.  The finer the sandpaper used, the smoother and shinier the sculpture will appear.  Then, warm it in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius).  You can also warm up a sculpture by sitting it out in direct sunlight for a few hours.  Once warmed, polish the sculpture with a paste wax (such as Johnson’s).  The wax should melt as it is absorbed into the stone. Let the piece cool and the wax dry to a matte finish. Buff with a soft cloth.

Wood:  Many of Mbare’s handmade items are made of natural materials that bring us in close contact with the beautiful patterns and colors of nature. This is especially true of wood. Due to the nature of raw and untreated wood, you may notice graining, knots, and checking (a natural cracking process that occurs as wood releases moisture across the annual growth rings). Cracking may also occur as items acclimate to the specific climate of your home. These are not a defect in the product, but a natural process that should be expected. Additionally, unfinished wood will naturally develop a beautiful patina over time.

If you are concerned about cracking and you live in an especially dry environment, you can reduce the likelihood of cracks developing by periodically rubbing linseed oil or Liquid Gold into your piece once every 1-6 months.