Seedpod Guinea

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Using the seedpods of the Ulumbu Tree (Sterculia rogersii), Zimbabwean artists have created these charming little birds. Standing on hand twisted wire feet, they are between 3-4" tall and are handpainted in the rich bright colors of each bird's plumage.

Height: 3"
Length: 2"
Width: 1"
Artist: Raina Mazwiembiri
Made In: Zimbabwe

About the artist:
Raina’s husband, George, started making seedpod birds as a means to earn extra income for their family twelve years ago.  A few years later Raina joined him and together they sold their birds at local craft shops and markets.  Raina took over the enterprise and now works with two of her daughters.  The seedpods are not found in quantity in the area where they live, so they have to travel seven hours to the Bulawayo area to pick them, and then travel back home.

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Seedpod Guinea

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Seedpod Guinea