Ashanti Fertility Doll - White

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Africa is a place full of tales, legends, and symbolic meanings. These fertility dolls from the Ashanti people of Ghana are just one of many objects with deep-rooted symbolism and tradition. Women in Ghana would wear a fertility doll on their back in an effort to conceive, or ensure the child she was carrying would be born healthy. In some villages, after giving birth the mother would pass down the doll to her daughter. The round head of these dolls represent the feminine womb and the body of the doll is shaped like a cross. In western culture, the Ghana fertility dolls have come to represent good luck and health, and are a beautiful handcrafted piece of African tradition.These dolls are hand carved from wood and painted.

Height: 17.5"
Length: 7"
Depth: 3"

Made in: Ghana

Item #: GFD-WH

Ashanti Fertility Doll - White

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Ashanti Fertility Doll - White