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  • Venassa Rangissee

    Venassa Rangissee

    Venassa was born in 1959 and is the eldest in a family of eight children. His mother still lives in Mozambique but his father, also a stone carver, is in Zimbabwe. Venassa worked as a builder up until 1991. He was exposed to art when he built a house for an artist. Intrigued, Venasssa asked the artist to show him how he produced his work. This was when Venassa discovered his artistic talent and marked the beginning of his life as an artist. Venassa is married with six children.
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  • GoGo Olive

    GoGo Olive

    Gogo Olive was set up in Mutare in the Eastern Highlands of Zimabwe in November 2008 to give local women the opportunity to use their craft skills to build a future for themselves and their families. Knitting was chosen as it only requires basic materials, it can be done anywhere and at any time and is a skill that is practical for the women to learn. We began as a small group of 6 ladies and following the success of this group we have added to the numbers and also introduced the group into a local prison. Over 25 women are now involved in Gogo Olive. Knitting the animals has become a part of the rehabilitation process for the women in prison, it gives them something positive to focus on and allows them to meet practical needs that they or their families have, both whilst they are in prison and after release. Each animal is lovingly and completely handmade and has as much individuality and character as the lady who knitted it!
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  • Wimbai Ngoma

    Wimbai Ngoma

    Wimbai Ngoma was born in 1975 in Nyanga. After finishing his schooling he enrolled at Chapungu Sculpture Park as a sculptor apprentice. After this initial training he started to work on his own in 1997 and began producing highly acclaimed sculptures and participating in many local exhibitions. He has been honored at the Agio Sculptors Symposium in 2005 and won the "celebration" award sponsored by the Korean Embassy in 2007. In 2008 and 2011 he was invited for an exhibition and workshop in Germany where his work was displayed at the Botanical Gardens in Dortmund. His ambition is to develop an art center in the future.
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  • Godfrey Matungamidze

    Godfrey Matungamidze

    Godfrey is currently producing abstract pieces that follow the shape of the stone and have a lot of movement, along with a particular style of head sculptures.
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